Introduction to Bakery Business

The Bakery business is playing an important role in the food processing industry in the country. In modern times, it provides nutritious food to go a large number of households in cities and villages. The bakery industry in India has become the largest in the food industry with an annual turnover of over Rs.3000 crores. The Indian Bakery sector consists of the foods like cakes, bread, biscuits, and chips, etc.

A bakery activity has also an important role in popularising in the traditionally non-wheat consuming region of the country. Since the development of new food technology, a variety of products are prepared in the Bakery. Bread & Biscuits consumption is increasing every day and these are being increasingly used for various feeding programs for Children managed by voluntary agencies & the State Department of Education & Tribal welfare.

India is the second-largest producer of biscuits after the USA. The biscuit industry in India comprises organized and unorganized sectors. Bread and Biscuits form the major baked food accounting for over 80% of total bakery products produced in the country. The quantities of bread and biscuits produced are more or less the same. However, the value of biscuits is more than bread.

The Bakery business has traditionally continued to be in the unorganized sector contributing over 70% of the total production. Bakery products once considered as stick man’s diet have now become essential food items of the vast majority of the population.

Market Scope

Nowadays, Bakery products are popular and consumed by mass. Low price and with changing eating habits of people, it has gained popularity among masses of the sector overall. The growth rate of production and consumption of bakery products has been tremendous in both urban and rural areas.

Increased number of working women, Change in Indian meal pattern, increased income, urbanization, etc., has increased the demand for bakery products. The production of eggless bakery products has made bakery more popular in the new groups of people who don’t consume eggs.


Location in the bakery business totally depends on the scale of operation. The small shop to huge manufacturing space can be used as per budget. Cloud kitchen has made bakery business more reachable to distant customers but the quality and standard are a must to achieve success.

Strategic location can add rapid revenue for break even to investment. It can attract more customers to business.

Quality control & standard

Quality control & standard is a very important aspect in the bakery business. Strict quality control norms and hygienic conditions must be maintained as per Health regulations at every stage in the production process. All ingredients used in manufacturing must be listed in each product. The Expiry date is essential for each packed snack food.

Raw Materials

The major raw materials required for the Bakery business are flour, maida with other items like yeast, sugar, ghee, milk powder, salt, edible colour, flavours, etc… Raw materials are easily available in the local market.

Quality raw material is also very essential for quality output.

Bakery Equipment

Various essential bakery equipment are needed during bakery setup. Without proper bakery equipment and tools the bakery will not be able to produce good product.

Some important bakery equipment: Baking pans, Weighing scale, Measuring jugs, Measuring cups, Measuring spoons, Candy thermometer, Serrated slicer, Ball scoop/Parisienne scoop, Palette knife, Rubber spatula, Pie server/gateau slicer, Bench scraper/dough scraper, Pastry wheel/cutter, Wire whisk/whip, Heavy whisks, Balloon whisks or piano wire whisks, Sieve, Grater, Zester, Pastry bag and nozzles, Pastry brush

Other bakery equipment: Chocolate tempering machine, Chocolate flaking machine, Crusher (nuts, praline), Hot cabinets, Tray greaser, Proofing chambers, Dough sheeter, Dough divider, Croissant rolling machine

Bakery Business Plan

Small Bakery Business Plan

small bakery business plan

Big Bakery Business Plan

Big bakery business plan

Very Big Bakery Business Plan

very big bakery business plan


On examining the technical aspects like availability of raw materials, availability of skills, knowledge of all types of equipment, and opportunity of the market, it can be stated that the project is technically feasible and economically viable.